Mortally Wounded Episode 38 – End of the Everwinter Event Wrap-up

Chris, James and Mike discuss the End of the Everwinter matched play event which was held 27-28 Nov 2020 in Canberra, ACT, Australia.
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James is on Instagram @dukekhadric
Mike is on Twitter @greenraiderz21
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Mortally Wounded YouTube: End of the Everwinter – Round 1 Matchups

Michael, Chris and James get together to talk about the round 1 matchups!


Mortally Wounded Episode 35d – Cities Of Sigmar – Anvilgard, Hallowheart & Tempest’s Eye

The Cities mega show is back, with the latest part in our series! In part d, Chris is once again joined by Simon Hall (@zweihanderhall), and finally, the one and only Smorgan (@arabyrises), Sam Morgan was also able to join.

In this show, we cover off the final 3 cities in the Cities of Sigmar battletome, Anvilgard, Hallowheart and Tempest’s Eye.

As always we hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

Mortally Wounded Episode 37 – A Long Time Between Drinks

It’s been a few months, but Chris and James are back with a hobby and catch up show.

As always, thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!


Mortally Wounded Episode 36 – GHB2020 with special guest Clint Mallet

Chris and James are back for a bumper episode covering the release of the General’s Handbook 2020!

Joined by extra special guest, Clint Mallet from the Heralds of War, they briefly discuss recent hobby and games played before diving right in to the GHB2020 goodies!

You can follow both Clint @ClintMallet, Chris @WoundedMortally on Twitter, and you can follow James on Instagram @Dukekhadric.

As always, thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the show!

Mortally Wounded Episode 35c – Cities of Sigmar – Living City, Greywater Fastness & Phoenicium

In part c of our Cities of Sigmar deepdive, Chris is again joined by veteran Cities player Simon Hall to discuss the next three cities, The Living City, Greywater Fastness and The Phoenicium.

As always we hope you enjoy this episode, and look forward to part d of the series where we will cover the three remaining cities.

You can follow Chris at @woundedmortally and Simon @ZweihanderHall on Twitter.

Mortally Wounded Episode 35b – Cities of Sigmar – Top Picks and Hammerhal

On this episode, part b in our Cities of Sigmar series, Chris is joined by special guest Simon Hall, who some people may have seen playing on the HonestWargamer live steam at Cancon 2020 on Table 1 Round 6, playing for the event.

Chris and Simon discuss some of their top pick units for Cities of Sigmar armies and discuss the first of the seven Cities, Hammerhal in detail.

If you’d like to get in touch with either Chris or Simon to give us any feedback on this episode or pick their brains on anything AoS related, you can find Chris @WoundedMortally and Simon @ZweihanderHall on Twitter.

As always we hope you enjoy and stay tuned for part c in this series where we’ll be discussing, Living City, Greywater Fastness and Phoenicium in detail.


Mortally Wounded Episode 35a – Cities of Sigmar – The Lore

Welcome back listeners! In this episode, the first in a multipart series covering the Cities of Sigmar, Chris and James talk about what the Cities of Sigmar are from a background perspective, that’s right folks, we’re talking about the lore! Narrative bunnies, all-aboard the fluff train….first stop Hammerhal!

As always we hope you enjoy, and if you’d like to get in touch with either of us you can find Chris @WoundedMortally on Twitter and James @DukeKhadric on Instagram.


Mortally Wounded Episode 34 – Notoriously Wounded

Join Chris and James as they talk all about their experiences and games at Call to Glory, the worlds largest AoS singles tournament, at Cancon 2020.

Thanks to all of our opponents, to everyone who came up and spoke to us over the weekend, and especially to everyone who bought a ticket or joined the waiting list for Sydney Slaughter 2020 last weekend, it means a lot to us!

As always, thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!


Mortally Wounded Episode 33 – Hobbyist Highlight – Tim Barklay

Chris and James are back for a new year of podcasting, and what better way to kick off that to have a huge chat about hobby with none other than the Aussie Wargamer himself, Tim Barklay!

Tim is well known in the Australian Age of Sigmar community for his awe inspiring hobby, infectious enthusiasm and creativity. Tim is passionate about creating unique conversions and is always expanding his hobby horizons. At Cancon 2019, Tim took home the runner up for Coolest Army with his heavily converted forest themed Bretovaneth army. This year saw Tim come back in full force with an astounding display of his pirate themed Destruction army: “GROGWHOOFA’S KREW”. Tim wowed us all and the judges, and with some very tough competition, won the runner up trophy for Coolest Army and Judges Choice 3rd Place. Well done Tim! Tune in to catch some inspiration, hear Tim literally take over the podcast and listen out for some sage advice.

To see this army, make sure you immediately follow Tim on Twitter: @AussieWargamer

Tim’s Army!
Tim’s art projects
52 Joeys

YouTube channels Tim recommends:
Vince Venturella
Next Level Painting 

Find us:
Chris: @WoundedMortally
James: @dukekhadric

00:00:00 – 00:30:40 – Intro hobby chat
00:30:40 – 00:31:20 – Break snip “Sea Shanties” by The Central Band of the Royal British Legion
00:31:20 – 00:39:50 – Tim takes over the podcast
00:39:51 – 01:36:27 – Back on track and more hobby chats
01:36.27 – 01:40:04 – Outro song “Happy Little Boozer” by Korpiklaani


Episode 32 – Australian AoS Masters 2019

This episode’s guests are the podium winners from this year’s Australian Age of Sigmar Masters 2019. In 3rd place, we have three times Masters podium veteran and the undisputed “Fun Uncle” of Khorne, Matt Campbell; 2nd place came the Victorian Measured Gaming rep and fake army wielder, Rhys McGlinn; in 1st place and Australia’s new Master, Mat “The Mayor” Tyrrell!

Tune in to hear the lads throw some shade, chat about their journeys to Masters, their list tech, experiences at the event and more!

The Australian Age of Sigmar Masters 2019 is an annual invite only event, consisting of the top players from the season’s tournaments. The players duke it out to determine who will be Australia’s new Master. This year, the event was held in Melbourne 30th Nov – 1st Dec 2019 and TO’d by The Dwellers Below crew.

00:00:00 – 00:52:43: Intro, journeys to Masters, list tech
00:52:43 – 01:40:05: Tournament experiences, games played between the guests
01:40:05 – 02:38:50: Future lists, hobby projects, general chit chat, listener questions
02:38:50 – 02:41:28: Outro song and break snips “Summertime” by Marc Rebillet – get on it!

Matt C: lurks around the Sydney AoS and Khorne FB groups
Rhys: @tanfew (Twitter) and on FB
Mat T: @mathewtyrrell3 (Twitter)
Chris: @WoundedMortally (Twitter)
James: @dukekhadric (Twitter and Instagram)

Our custom dice are available to purchase! See our pinned post here for details:

Episode 31 – Wet Palette Warriors go to Rune Axe Team Championships 2019

Featuring special guests: Clint Mallet and Travis Cooper from the Heralds of War Podcast and the Wet Palette Warrior himself, Brandt Cers. James and this merry band of brothers formed a team, the “Wet Palette Warriors”, for this years Rune Axe Team Championships.

This is their story…

Clint: @heraldsofwar

Travis: @Thonias83

Brandt: @wet_palette_warrior (Instagram)

James: @dukekhadric


Episode 30 – Kia ora Lads!

In this episode, Chris and James interview Sydney GT 19 winner and fellow content creator, Shaun Bates. Shaun came over from Wellington, New Zealand, with a couple of lads to play Warhammer, hang with the Aussies and took out the top prize! What a champion!

We chat a bit of hobby, games, thoughts about the event, throw a bit of shade and have a few laughs – good times.

Shaun’s Podcast: Notorious Age of Sigmar
Shaun Twitter: @AOSshaun89

00:00:00-00:47:29 – Intro and hobby chat
00:48:09-03:25:47 – Sydney GT games played and event
03:25:47-03:30:24 – Outro song “Slice of Heaven” by Dave Dobbyn feat Herbs.


Episode 29 – Sydney GT Players Pack and Battleplans

In this episode, Chris and James catch up over a bit of hobby and talk projects, recent games played and a run through the Sydney GT Players Pack.

00:00:00 – 00:57:48: General hobby and games played catch up session, a few shout outs.
00:57:38 – 00:58:05: Break.
00:58:05 – 01:50:47: Sydney GT Players Pack and Battleplans run-down.
01:50:47 – 01:52:49: Outro song: “Versus Mode” by legendary underground Sydney band, “Slimey Things”

Chris: @woundedmortally
James: @dukekhadric


In this episode, James and Chris are joined once again by Mat ‘The Mayor of Dubbo’ Tyrrell and Michael ‘Rockhampton’ Thomson as they discuss all things Death under the new GHB 2019 points.

Chris can be found on Twitter @woundedmortally

James is @dukekhadric

Mat is @mathewtyrell3

Michael is @greenraiderz21

We hope you enjoyed the show!

Episode 27 – Bonus Episode – Faction Focus – Sylvaneth 2.0

Hello listeners! We’re back with another mammoth bonus episode, the Sylvaneth faction focus 2.0, once again recorded as a live Youtube show through AoS Coach
Chris was a guest host alongside Dan Street from AoS Shorts(@AoS_Shorts on Twitter), Laurie Huggett-Wilde (@lhwaos) and Liam Burnett-Blue, aka (@Shadowhammer_) Shadowhammer Podcast.
Strap in for nearly 3.5 hours, as 4 keen tree bros talk through everything you need to know about the new Sylvaneth.
As always we hope you enjoy the show!


Episode 26 – Hobbyist Highlight – Ben Spinetti

In this episode, we interview Ben Spinetti, one of Sydney’s Kharadron Overlords and Idoneth Deepkin hobbyists. He’s known in the scene for being the only man (we know of) who runs Akhelian Allopexes (SHARKS!) in his army.

More importantly, he’s a painting hot-shot who loves the hobby and has painted up an eye catching Idoneth Deepkin army which has won a few awards recently, particularly for his immersive terrain – winning Best Terrain at Call to Glory 2019 and Regiment of Renown at Sydney Slaughter 2019 for his gorgeously painted Akhelian Allopex unit.

We chat all about his approach to the hobby, what informs his unit choices, how he goes about choosing his colour schemes, techniques, planning and more!

00:00:00-01:40:00 – Intro and interview with Ben
01:40:00-01:42:24 – Outro Song and bloopers

– Music by one of James’ old mates, Brian Campeau. “Losing Friends” from his album “Old Dog, New Tricks”


Bonus Content – Heralds of War Episode 51 – Ipswich GT with James Maybury

In this episode, James joins Clint of the Heralds of War Podcast as they discuss the recent Ipswich GT. They discuss their games and thoughts on the event overall.

Clint – @heraldsofwar

Episode 25 – Sydney Slaughter 2019 Wrap-Up

In this episode, we interview the top 4 placers at Sydney Slaughter 2019. Matt Campbell (Blades of Khorne), Steven Drury (Grand Host of Nagash), Sean Haigh (Anvils of the Heldenhammer) and Keith Williamson (Gloomspite Gitz) join us to talk about their experiences at Slaughter, a bit of hobby progress, favourite battle plans and game highlights, how we can improve the event for next year and first thoughts about the General’s Handbook 2019 release.

00:00:00-00:59:20 – Intro and Part 1: Interview with Matt, Steven and Keith
00:59:44-01:27:49 – Interview with Sean Haigh
01:28:14-02:06:12 – Part 2: Interview with Matt, Steven and Keith
02:06:12-02:10:01 – Outro Song

Keith’s YouTube Channel “Creaky Gamers”:

Matt can be found on the Sydney AoS Facebook group:

Steven on the Sydney AoS Facebook group and Company of Dice

Sean on the Facebook


Bonus Content – Sydney Slaughter 2019 – List Review

Chris and James are joined by Anthony ‘The Coach’ Magro and helper and regular tournament goer Dan Brewer to reveal and review the submitted lists for Sydney Slaughter 2019.

Bonus Content – Cinderfall Gaming YouTube Channel – Exploring Your Narrative with James Maybury

Welcome to exploring your narrative where we take a deep dive into fantastic hobby narrative created by our community. on this episode we are joined by none other the one of the hosts of the Mortally Wounded podcast James Maybury as we take a look into the interesting narrative behind his Death, Bretonnians and much more.

Episode 24 – Sydney Slaughter Scenario Pack Run-Down

In this episode, we talk all about the Sydney Slaughter scenarios. Tune in to get the inside scoop on what they’re about and what inspired their creation! We also have a general chat about the event, the painting competition and more!

00:00:00-01:20:56 – Scenarios and Slaughter discussion

01:20:56-01:26:22 – Outro track “Maniac Lover”

Music by “Jimmy Swouse & the Angry Darts” off the album “Cop It” circa 2009 (James’ band from back in day).

Episode 23 – Border Wars Wrap-Up

Chris and James catch up and have a chat about a bit of hobby progress and their recent Border Wars tournament experiences!

Border Wars is a 2 day, 5 game GT event run by Adam Burt and Travis Cooper of Heralds of War fame – recently held 27th-28th April 2019 in a sleepy NSW town called Albury.

00:00:00-00:57:54 – Intro and day one games
00:57:54-00:58:41 – Break track – “Watch Out”
00:58:41-01:55:51 – Day two games and wrap up
01:55:51-01:59:38 – Outro track “XVI”

Music by “Jimmy Swouse & the Angry Darts” off the album “Cop It” circa 2009 (James’ band from back in day)

Bonus Episode: Down Under Sigmar – More Than Matched Play 

Down Under Sigmar: Episode #6 The Coach (Anthony) & The Villain (Liam) are joined by Mortally Wounded’s Chris Welfare & James Maybury. In this episode, we chat about exploring Age of Sigmar outside of traditional matched play, building a narrative, and the upcoming Sydney Slaughter event.

Anthony Twitter: @AnthonyMagro

Liam Twitter: @shadowhammer_

Coach’s email:

Episode 22 – The Nighthaunt King

This episode, we’re joined by Nighthaunts maverick, Ashley McEwan! We have a bit of a catch up, talk hobby, games played, tournaments and more!

Ashley is a long time friend of the show and he won the recent ANZAC Cup Charity Event with his beautiful Nighthaunt army.

The ANZAC Cup Charity Event is run annually by the Australian Defence Force Wargaming Association. All proceeds from this event goes to Soldier On, an independent organisation which looks after Aussie servicepeople and their families who may be facing difficulties brought on by traumatic experiences in the line of duty.


Episode 21 – Hobbyist Highlight – Dan Brewer

In this episode we interview special guest, Dan Brewer. Many of you will already know Dan from the Australian tournament scene and from his many guest spots on other podcasts and youtube channels. A naturally adept gamer, Dan recently won the South Australian Grand Tournament in Adelaide and he has claimed many top 10 spots over the years, with frequent 2nd placings (earning him the title “The Bridesmaid”). However, there’s a deeper side to Dan which overtakes his gaming prowess and sustains him – his love for the hobby.

Dan’s true Warhammer passion is painting and curating his beloved Tomb Kings and Skaven armies. We talk to Dan about how he got into the hobby, why he chose these armies, what inspires him and what informs his hobby. We also discuss his various painting techniques and methods and learn more about his hobby journey, with some sage advice for budding painters.

You can follow Dan on twitter: @Dan_Brewer89

Episode 20 – Flesh-Eater Courts

In this episode, Chris, James and special guest Mat “The Mayor” Tyrell have a chat about the new Flesh-Eater Courts battletome! We talk a bit about the lore, abilities, artefacts, spells, courts, delusions and dare we say it.. Bretonnians.. all this and a few list ideas thrown around.

Another sterling FEC episode for your podcast list, we hope you enjoy!

00:00:00-00:14:30 – Introductions, hobby, games played.
00:14:30-01:41:20 – Lore, abilities, artefacts and courts.
01:41:20-02:34:30 – Battalions, endless spells and lists.
02:34:30-02:38:50 – Outro song.

Episode 19 – Revenge of the Deathlords

In this episode, James interviews two of Australia’s most prominent Death players: Mike Thompson and Mat Tyrell!

Mike stood on the podium at Call to Glory at Cancon last month, fighting his way to 3rd place with his Nagash army in one of the world’s largest Age of Sigmar tournaments, a mighty and most excellent achievement indeed!

Mat took home the “Best Death” trophy at Call to Glory for the second time and is one of Australia’s most savvy Death generals, his Legion of Blood army winning 5 out of 6 games at the event. You may also know Mat as the infamous “Mayor of Dubbo”…

Tune in for some quality Death and post-Call to Glory coverage!

00:00:00-00:15:50 – Introductions
00:15:50-01:17:53 – Mike’s Call to Glory experience
01:17:53-03:28:05 – Mat and James’ Call to Glory experiences and a bit about #stormcaststrong
03:28:05-03:32:19 – Outro song and outtake

Episode 18 – Hobbyist Highlight – Brandt Cers

In this episode we interview special guest, Brandt Cers. Brandt recently won 1st place in the “Best Painted Army – Judges Choice” at Call to Glory 2019 in Canberra, Australia. Call to Glory is an annual Age of Sigmar tournament run by the Heralds of War crew and has become one of the largest events of its kind in the world.

We talk to Brandt about how he got into the hobby, why he chose the “Free Peoples” as his army, what inspires him and what informs his hobby. We also discuss his various painting techniques and methods and dive into his passion for all things Freeguild and above all, hobby.

The last section of the podcast is all about Brandt’s experience at Call to Glory, his games and what’s next in store for his hobby plans.

For all the hobby buffs out there, this is the episode for you!

You can follow Brandt on instagram here: @wet_palette_warrior_oz

Episode 17 – Bonus Episode – AoS Coach Faction Focus – Sylvaneth

Chris was invited onto the AoS Coach Youtube channel by Anthony ‘The Coach’ Magro to discuss all things Sylvaneth in a Faction Focus.

As a bonus episode for our listeners, this episode is the full audio recording of that faction focus. It’s a big one at 3 hours long, but if you’re interested in Sylvaneth, and enjoyed our previous So you want to Play Sylvaneth episode, this is a great update for the army in the new edition.

As always, we hope you enjoy and thanks for listening!

Episode 16 – Hobby, Games and Gitz!

In this shorter, new fortnightly episode format, Chris and James chat about their recent hobby and games played in the lead up to CanCon and talk about the upcoming new release, the Gloomspite Gitz!
As always we hope you enjoy and wish all our listeners a very Happy New Year!

Episode 15 – One Type Of Potato (Masters 2018)

Welcome to episode 15! James is back, for good this time. Chris and James catch up with some new microphones, talk about their recent hobby, playing together in the Sydney doubles event hosted by The Coach himself, Anthony Magro, and then go into the main subject of this show, the Australian Age of Sigmar Masters 2018! We hope you enjoy!

0:00:00 – 0:16:40 – Intro and Hobby catch up
0:16:41 – 0:36:52 – Alliance 2018 Sydney Doubles event
0:36:53 – 1:38:28 – Australian Masters 2018
1:38:29 – 1:42:57 – Outro

Episode 14 – Rune Axe Team Championships

In this bumper episode, Chris chats with the rest of Team #Aelfbros (Clint from Heralds of War, Liam from Shadowhammer and Haydn Walker) about their recent weekend at the Rune Axe Wargaming Team Championships held in Brisbane and excellently run by Gabe at Rune Axe Wargaming.

Episode 13 – RCGT3 & Sydney GT Wrap Up

Chris is joined once again by returning guest Dan Brewer in a follow-up episode, recapping their experiences at both RCGT3 and Sydney GT.
They then have a discussion about realm rules and Malign Sorcery and its place in tournaments/ matched play.
0:00 – 0:42:05 Intro and discussion on RCGT3
0:42:06 – 1:12:33 Sydney GT
1:12:34 – 1:43:34 Realm rules and Malign Sorcery in matched play
1:43:35 – 1:48:05 Outro

Episode 12 – HOES (Hobby, Other, Events And Stats) With Dan ‘The Bridesmaid’ Brewer

After a bit of an unintentional break, Chris is back and is again joined by returning guest Dan Brewer. They chat about recent hobby, upcoming events, the recent Gods of War event in Sydney and finally the matched play tournaments stats released recently by The Honest Wargamer.
0:00:00 – 0:17:50 Intro recent hobby chat
0:17:51 – 0:53:42 Sydney Slaughter 2018 Wrap-up
0:53:43– 1:30:42 Gods of War event chat
1:30:43 – 2:00:35 Honest Wargamer Matched play stats discussion
2:00:36 – 2:05:05 Outro

Episode 11 – Skaven with Dan Brewer

On this episode Chris talks to local Skaven expert and top tournament gamer, returning guest to the show Dan Brewer. They discuss Dan’s win with Clan Skryre at a recent local 2.5k event ‘Battleborn’ and then discuss all things skaven and end the show discussing this weekend’s reveals at Warhammer Fest in the UK!
Dan’s twitter handle is @Dan_Brewer89 but the best place to find him is in the Skaven Warhammer facebook group: SKAVEN (warhammer)

0:00:00 – 0:30:16 – Intro, initial discussion of Clan Skryre
0:30:17 – 1:12:10 – Run through of Battleborn tournament games
1:12:11 – 2:15:39 – Skaven detailed discussion, including Top 5 Best and Worst units
2:15:40 -2:43:17 – Initial reactions to Warhammer Fest reveals! AoS V2 etc
2:43:18 -2:47:45 Outro

Episode 10 – Cancon 2018

In our tenth episode (finally making us a real podcast!)Chris and James are talking all things Cancon 2018 and mainly Call To Glory!

For those not in the know, Cancon is the largest annual wargaming convention in Australia, which takes place on the Australia Day long weekend at the end of January each year.
0:00:00 – 0:23:35 Intro, Shadespire tournament and general chat
0:23:36 – 1:14:51 Day 1 – Call to Glory
1:14:52 – 2:12:25 Day 2 – Call to Glory
2:12:26 – 2:24:28 Top 10 Results discussion
2:24:29 – 2:28:28 Thanks and congrats
2:28:29 – 2:41:36 Upcoming events – Sydney Slaughter and hobby goals for 2018
2:41:37 – 2:46:51 Outro

Episode 9 – 2017 Wrap-up

In this episode, James is back! Chris and James catch-up and discuss what’s been happening in the Age of Sigmar Australian scene over the past 6 months. They cover several tournaments Chris has attended including Element Games Grand Slam (EGGS), RCGT2 and Masters, as well as discussing their new armies for the upcoming Call To Glory Age of Sigmar tournament at CanCon on the Australia Day long weekend in January.
0:00:00 – 0:04:00 Intro
0:04:00 – 0:37:05 Element Games Grand Slam (EGGS)summary
0:37:06 – 0:43:56 RCGT 2
0:43:57 – 1:12:28 Masters
1:12:29 – 1:24:50 James’ Hobby Progress
1:24:51 – 2:07:10 CanCon army lists discussion
2:07:11 – 2:11:24 Outro

Episode 8 – GHB 2017 Scenarios with Dan from AoS Shorts

This episode is the full recording Chris had with Dan from the excellent AoS Shorts podcast out of New Zealand. Chris chats to Dan about the six scenarios from the Generals Handbook 2017, covering all the key points for the scenarios along with tips and tricks for playing them and what to include in your army and to watch out for in your opponent’s. 

Episode 7 – So You Want To Play Sylvaneth

Welcome to episode 7 of Mortally Wounded – So you want to play Sylvaneth.
On this episode Chris is joined by local Sylvaneth player Liam Burnett-Blue who regular listeners will remember from the Sydney Slaughter Warm-up episode.
Chris and Liam talk through all things Sylvaneth, going through how the army plays as a faction and covering the command traits, items and battalions in detail for anyone who might be new to Sylvaneth.
For anyone familiar with Sylvaneth just interested in hearing new list ideas, skip ahead an hour or so to listen as Chris and Liam discuss a number of different potential lists utilising many of the formations and Wargrove battalions. We hope you enjoy the show!

0:00:00 – 0:36:50 Sylvaneth allegiance abilities, command traits, spell lore and artefacts
0:36:51 – 1:23:16 Sylvaneth battalions and Wargrove battalions
1:23:17 – 2:39:27 Sylvaneth sample army lists 

Episode 6 – Sydney Slaughter 2017 (The Dan Show)

On this episode we’re talking all things Sydney Slaughter 2017, the recent ‘matched-narrative’tournament Chris ran using all custom scenarios after being inspired by last year’s South Coast Grand Tournament in the UK.
The show welcomes 3 new guests, being Dan Saye, Dan Brewer and Ash McEwan who took out the top three spots at the event.
The guys run through their lists and each of their games and their general thoughts on the event, the scenarios and the scoring elements of the pack.
If you enjoyed this show and want to check out the scenarios to play for yourself, you can find both the scenario pack and players pack on our website at under the Events page.
We hope you enjoy the show!
0:00:00 – 0:33:14 – Intro & list discussion
0:33:15 – 1:09:26 – Game 1
1:09:26 – 1:43:41 – Game 2
1:43:42 -2:14:02 – Game 3
2:14:03 -2:54:55 – Game 4
2:54:56 – 3:40:09 – Game 5
3:40:10 -3:44:50 – Outro and Bloopers!

Episode 5 – The Despair of Chamon (And Chris)

A bit of a sad show this one, as it’s James’ last show for a while!
Chris and James give a hobby update, introduce a special guest to the show and then run through a game they played using one of the custom scenarios for the upcoming Sydney Slaughter 2017 tournament.
0:00 – 0:12:44 Hobby Progress
0:12:44 – 0:18:11 Special guest announcement
0:18:12 – 0:46:29 Battle report – Tzeentch’s Crystal Labyrinth
0:46:30 – 0:50:28 Outro

Episode 4 – Sydney Slaughter Warm-up

For anyone even slightly interested in Sydney Slaughter this is a must listen episode!
Joining Chris for this episode is special guest Liam Burnett-Blue, the winner of the recent 1 day warm-up event for Sydney Slaughter 2017, a matched-narrative event Chris is running on the 10th and 11th June.

We discuss Liam’s list, the scenarios and elements of the player pack, as well as getting a run through of Liam’s games and how he played his Sylvaneth.

Episode 3 – Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome

0:00:00 – 0:01:17 – Intro
0:01:17 – 1:55:00 Battletome review
1:55:00 -1:59:00 Outro – Judgement VNV Nation

Episode 2 – CanCon 2017 – Before, During and After

Timelapse coverage is at 0:53:45 of the podcast.

0:00 – 0:05:25 Intro
0:05:25 -0:17:45 Pre-CanCon interview with the TOs – Heralds of War
0:17:45 – 0:33:50 Post Day 1 interviews with top table competitors
0:33:50 – 0:49:40 Post CanCon in car first thoughts
0:49:50 – 3:01:50 Chris & James detailed Games 1-5 run through
3:01:50 -3:36:45 Post CanCon interview with the Heralds of War
3:36:45 – 4:04:30 Interview with the winner of CanCon 2017 Luke Taylor
4:04:30 – 4:11:30 Final placings and thoughts on the event
4:11:30 -4:16:10 Outro and Blooper!

Episode 1 – New Year, New Podcast!

Episode Breakdown
0:00:00-0:07:41 – Intro to your hosts, What’s on your painting station
0:07:43-0:49:54 – So You Want To Play – Death – Army Review
0:49:55-0:58:35 – Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome pre-order discussion
0:58:36-1:15:56 – Expectations for Attending a Tournament
1:15:57-1:27:30 – ‘Filth’ Discussion – The Impacts on Players & Things to Consider When List Writing
1:27:31 – 1:34:28 New Years Hobby Resolutions!
1:34:29 – 1:38:12 Outro Song – Judgement by VNV Nation
1:38:12 – 1:38:18 Blooper!