Episode 15 – One Type Of Potato (Masters 2018)

Welcome to episode 15! James is back, for good this time. Chris and James catch up with some new microphones, talk about their recent hobby, playing together in the Sydney doubles event hosted by The Coach himself, Anthony Magro, and then go into the main subject of this show, the Australian Age of Sigmar Masters 2018! We hope you enjoy!

0:00:00 – 0:16:40 – Intro and Hobby catch up
0:16:41 – 0:36:52 – Alliance 2018 Sydney Doubles event
0:36:53 – 1:38:28 – Australian Masters 2018
1:38:29 – 1:42:57 – Outro

Episode 14 – Rune Axe Team Championships

In this bumper episode, Chris chats with the rest of Team #Aelfbros (Clint from Heralds of War, Liam from Shadowhammer and Haydn Walker) about their recent weekend at the Rune Axe Wargaming Team Championships held in Brisbane and excellently run by Gabe at Rune Axe Wargaming.

Episode 13 – RCGT3 & Sydney GT Wrap Up

Chris is joined once again by returning guest Dan Brewer in a follow-up episode, recapping their experiences at both RCGT3 and Sydney GT.
They then have a discussion about realm rules and Malign Sorcery and its place in tournaments/ matched play.
0:00 – 0:42:05 Intro and discussion on RCGT3
0:42:06 – 1:12:33 Sydney GT
1:12:34 – 1:43:34 Realm rules and Malign Sorcery in matched play
1:43:35 – 1:48:05 Outro

Episode 12 – HOES (Hobby, Other, Events And Stats) With Dan ‘The Bridesmaid’ Brewer

After a bit of an unintentional break, Chris is back and is again joined by returning guest Dan Brewer. They chat about recent hobby, upcoming events, the recent Gods of War event in Sydney and finally the matched play tournaments stats released recently by The Honest Wargamer.
0:00:00 – 0:17:50 Intro recent hobby chat
0:17:51 – 0:53:42 Sydney Slaughter 2018 Wrap-up
0:53:43– 1:30:42 Gods of War event chat
1:30:43 – 2:00:35 Honest Wargamer Matched play stats discussion
2:00:36 – 2:05:05 Outro

Episode 11 – Skaven with Dan Brewer

On this episode Chris talks to local Skaven expert and top tournament gamer, returning guest to the show Dan Brewer. They discuss Dan’s win with Clan Skryre at a recent local 2.5k event ‘Battleborn’ and then discuss all things skaven and end the show discussing this weekend’s reveals at Warhammer Fest in the UK!
Dan’s twitter handle is @Dan_Brewer89 but the best place to find him is in the Skaven Warhammer facebook group: SKAVEN (warhammer)

0:00:00 – 0:30:16 – Intro, initial discussion of Clan Skryre
0:30:17 – 1:12:10 – Run through of Battleborn tournament games
1:12:11 – 2:15:39 – Skaven detailed discussion, including Top 5 Best and Worst units
2:15:40 -2:43:17 – Initial reactions to Warhammer Fest reveals! AoS V2 etc
2:43:18 -2:47:45 Outro

Episode 10 – Cancon 2018

In our tenth episode (finally making us a real podcast!)Chris and James are talking all things Cancon 2018 and mainly Call To Glory!

For those not in the know, Cancon is the largest annual wargaming convention in Australia, which takes place on the Australia Day long weekend at the end of January each year.
0:00:00 – 0:23:35 Intro, Shadespire tournament and general chat
0:23:36 – 1:14:51 Day 1 – Call to Glory
1:14:52 – 2:12:25 Day 2 – Call to Glory
2:12:26 – 2:24:28 Top 10 Results discussion
2:24:29 – 2:28:28 Thanks and congrats
2:28:29 – 2:41:36 Upcoming events – Sydney Slaughter and hobby goals for 2018
2:41:37 – 2:46:51 Outro

Episode 9 – 2017 Wrap-up

In this episode, James is back! Chris and James catch-up and discuss what’s been happening in the Age of Sigmar Australian scene over the past 6 months. They cover several tournaments Chris has attended including Element Games Grand Slam (EGGS), RCGT2 and Masters, as well as discussing their new armies for the upcoming Call To Glory Age of Sigmar tournament at CanCon on the Australia Day long weekend in January.
0:00:00 – 0:04:00 Intro
0:04:00 – 0:37:05 Element Games Grand Slam (EGGS)summary
0:37:06 – 0:43:56 RCGT 2
0:43:57 – 1:12:28 Masters
1:12:29 – 1:24:50 James’ Hobby Progress
1:24:51 – 2:07:10 CanCon army lists discussion
2:07:11 – 2:11:24 Outro

Episode 8 – GHB 2017 Scenarios with Dan from AoS Shorts

This episode is the full recording Chris had with Dan from the excellent AoS Shorts podcast out of New Zealand. Chris chats to Dan about the six scenarios from the Generals Handbook 2017, covering all the key points for the scenarios along with tips and tricks for playing them and what to include in your army and to watch out for in your opponent’s. 

Episode 7 – So You Want To Play Sylvaneth

Welcome to episode 7 of Mortally Wounded – So you want to play Sylvaneth.
On this episode Chris is joined by local Sylvaneth player Liam Burnett-Blue who regular listeners will remember from the Sydney Slaughter Warm-up episode.
Chris and Liam talk through all things Sylvaneth, going through how the army plays as a faction and covering the command traits, items and battalions in detail for anyone who might be new to Sylvaneth.
For anyone familiar with Sylvaneth just interested in hearing new list ideas, skip ahead an hour or so to listen as Chris and Liam discuss a number of different potential lists utilising many of the formations and Wargrove battalions. We hope you enjoy the show!

0:00:00 – 0:36:50 Sylvaneth allegiance abilities, command traits, spell lore and artefacts
0:36:51 – 1:23:16 Sylvaneth battalions and Wargrove battalions
1:23:17 – 2:39:27 Sylvaneth sample army lists 

Episode 6 – Sydney Slaughter 2017 (The Dan Show)

On this episode we’re talking all things Sydney Slaughter 2017, the recent ‘matched-narrative’tournament Chris ran using all custom scenarios after being inspired by last year’s South Coast Grand Tournament in the UK.
The show welcomes 3 new guests, being Dan Saye, Dan Brewer and Ash McEwan who took out the top three spots at the event.
The guys run through their lists and each of their games and their general thoughts on the event, the scenarios and the scoring elements of the pack.
If you enjoyed this show and want to check out the scenarios to play for yourself, you can find both the scenario pack and players pack on our website at www.mortallywoundedpodcast.com under the Events page.
We hope you enjoy the show!
0:00:00 – 0:33:14 – Intro & list discussion
0:33:15 – 1:09:26 – Game 1
1:09:26 – 1:43:41 – Game 2
1:43:42 -2:14:02 – Game 3
2:14:03 -2:54:55 – Game 4
2:54:56 – 3:40:09 – Game 5
3:40:10 -3:44:50 – Outro and Bloopers!

Episode 5 – The Despair of Chamon (And Chris)

A bit of a sad show this one, as it’s James’ last show for a while!
Chris and James give a hobby update, introduce a special guest to the show and then run through a game they played using one of the custom scenarios for the upcoming Sydney Slaughter 2017 tournament.
0:00 – 0:12:44 Hobby Progress
0:12:44 – 0:18:11 Special guest announcement
0:18:12 – 0:46:29 Battle report – Tzeentch’s Crystal Labyrinth
0:46:30 – 0:50:28 Outro

Episode 4 – Sydney Slaughter Warm-up

For anyone even slightly interested in Sydney Slaughter this is a must listen episode!
Joining Chris for this episode is special guest Liam Burnett-Blue, the winner of the recent 1 day warm-up event for Sydney Slaughter 2017, a matched-narrative event Chris is running on the 10th and 11th June.

We discuss Liam’s list, the scenarios and elements of the player pack, as well as getting a run through of Liam’s games and how he played his Sylvaneth.

Episode 3 – Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome

0:00:00 – 0:01:17 – Intro
0:01:17 – 1:55:00 Battletome review
1:55:00 -1:59:00 Outro – Judgement VNV Nation

Episode 2 – CanCon 2017 – Before, During and After

Timelapse coverage is at 0:53:45 of the podcast.

0:00 – 0:05:25 Intro
0:05:25 -0:17:45 Pre-CanCon interview with the TOs – Heralds of War
0:17:45 – 0:33:50 Post Day 1 interviews with top table competitors
0:33:50 – 0:49:40 Post CanCon in car first thoughts
0:49:50 – 3:01:50 Chris & James detailed Games 1-5 run through
3:01:50 -3:36:45 Post CanCon interview with the Heralds of War
3:36:45 – 4:04:30 Interview with the winner of CanCon 2017 Luke Taylor
4:04:30 – 4:11:30 Final placings and thoughts on the event
4:11:30 -4:16:10 Outro and Blooper!

Episode 1 – New Year, New Podcast!

Episode Breakdown
0:00:00-0:07:41 – Intro to your hosts, What’s on your painting station
0:07:43-0:49:54 – So You Want To Play – Death – Army Review
0:49:55-0:58:35 – Disciples of Tzeentch Battletome pre-order discussion
0:58:36-1:15:56 – Expectations for Attending a Tournament
1:15:57-1:27:30 – ‘Filth’ Discussion – The Impacts on Players & Things to Consider When List Writing
1:27:31 – 1:34:28 New Years Hobby Resolutions!
1:34:29 – 1:38:12 Outro Song – Judgement by VNV Nation
1:38:12 – 1:38:18 Blooper!