Minisode 2 – Lords of War at MOAB – Pre-event info

For this special episode Chris is joined by Clint from the Heralds of War podcast to discuss the upcoming Lords of War Age of Sigmar Team event they are running at MOAB in Sydney on September 30 – October 1 2017.

They discuss the match-up process and Hidden Agendas as well as some other details for the event.

There are still 6 team spaces left and the deadline for registration is August 31, so if this sounds like fun, get a team together and come along!

Minisode 1 – Stormcast Eternals List Tech – Tempest Lords Harbinger Chamber

Chris recently attended the Element Games Grand Slam in the UK in July and managed to come third with an uncommon Stormcast Eternals list – The Tempest Lords Harbinger Chamber. In this Minisode he goes through the list, the units, items, command trait and formations. He discusses how the list works and the reason for the choices he took when building a list to compete in the current meta today.

We hope you enjoy listening, and stay tuned for a full episode covering the Element Games Grand Slam fully.